Augustana Concert Series
Augustana Concert Series

The term “classical music” tends to make us think of anything before the turn of the century…the 19th century. That definition is too narrow for us at Augustana Arts. The Augustana Arts Concert Series is an opportunity to revel in all forms of traditional styles of music. From old Europeans to American jazz and the glory of Broadway. Organists to brass ensembles. A cappella to full choirs with orchestral accompaniment. Performing at Augustana Lutheran Church, musicians and audiences alike are fully enveloped by a sound that can only be described as breathtaking.

Stratus Chamber Orchestra
Stratus Chamber Orchestra is changing the rules of engagement. Stratus joyously performs classical music in the most unexpected ways and often unconventional places. Stratus seamlessly melds the time-honored concert tradition of audience as observers with concerts that fully immerse the audience into the experience. And everything in between. Whether it’s tapping into the energy of unpopped popcorn popping at the art museum, or a provocative evening spent exploring the interconnectivity of storytelling and music, audiences are literally drawn in while the artistic process unfolds.
Colorado Men's & Women's Chorales
Colorado Women’s Chorale
Choral music has a long and proud history dating back for centuries. The Colorado Women’s Chorale again raises its voices, magnifying and contemporizing this vibrant tradition of human expression. You’ll find seasonal and holiday themed concerts,
family sing-alongs, journeys through cultures and eras, and unique collaborations.

Colorado Men’s Chorale
Please join us in welcoming the newest addition to the Augustana Arts family: The Colorado Men’s Chorale! CMC is the perfect counterpart to the Colorado Women’s Chorale and will be performing with CWC in this inaugural year as special guests.